About Us

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WillowBlue Consulting provides external, independent advice & leadership to the Superannuation and Wealth management industry that allows each organisation to make choices that will deliver them certainty for their future.

We work with our clients to understand their challenges, partner with them to create solutions that allow them to achieve their future goals, and support them in delivering these solutions through the application of the best people, process and technology.

Combining our unique skills to offer bespoke business and human capital consulting to the industry.   We believe there was a gap for such a unique offering in the market and wanted to lead the way in delivering a complete service delivery model.

We are passionate about the industry and believe we bring an experienced however fresh and unique service model to the market that will create confidence and deliver value.


Willow Blue Consulting Pty Ltd
ACN 164 277 730

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Our Name

We created the name WillowBlue Consulting as its two halves represent who we are as an organisation.
The willow represents flexibility, the willow trunk can bend to almost 90 degrees without snapping, it is adaptable and can flourish in many changing and challenging environments.
The blue represents water and its fluid nature that can always find a way, it also represents clarity and certainty.
These attributes clearly articulate who we are and what we stand for:

  • clarity in what we do
  • flexibility in how we approach working with clients
  • adaptability in how we solve challenges, and
  • our determination to always finding a way to achieve exceptional outcomes, every time.

All of these elements combined are reflected in our business