Leadership that provides certainty

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We’re Visionary.
We focus on the big picture. We connect the dots and give our clients the confidence to embrace new possibilities. We apply strategic thinking to create a clear path for progress and achievable steps for growth. We courageously take our clients forward. We identify opportunities. We create opportunities.

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We Know Our Stuff.
We understand the Superannuation, Insurance and Wealth Management sectors. We’re experts in a diverse range of disciplines and we bring these unique skills sets together to create value for our clients. We make it our business to understand the people, processes and technologies  our clients can leverage to achieve success. We’ve seen a lot, but we are always hungry to know more, and never think that we know it all. We’re always learning, evolving and growing so we can provide our clients with even better solutions.

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We Make It Happen.
We’re 100% committed and accountable. We do what we say we’re going to do. We consistently deliver quality results because we’re always prepared to go the extra mile. It’s why our clients choose to work with us and why we never let them down. We deliver on our promises by being highly pragmatic. We use proven methods and tools to deliver results and maximise competitive advantage.

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We’re Brave.
We think outside the box. We challenge the status quo. We follow our instincts. We’re prepared to have difficult conversations with our clients to identify where the real problems and opportunities lie. We tell it like it is because we know our clients will respect our commitment to getting it done right. We’re always challenging and always improving our clients and ourselves, relentlessly.

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We Connect People To Success.
We’re all about relationships with our clients and the people we work with. These relationships are built on loyalty, trust and commitment. We make it our business to know the most talented individuals in our Industry and we create value by bringing the best people together. We have a genuine interest in helping people fulfil their potential. That means understanding their strengths and their weaknesses. We’re great communicators. We share our passion with those around us and we lead by inspiring them.

MakeaDifference web 90px We Make A Difference.
We’re dedicated to the success of our clients and our people. And just as importantly, we’re passionate about helping all Australian’s achieve financial independence in retirement. We want to contribute to an efficient and effective superannuation and financial services system that creates prosperity for the entire country. We’re proud to play a key role in making that opportunity for wealth generation and financial security more accessible, more equitable and more rewarding for every Australian.

Our Services

Business Consulting & Project Delivery

  • Business Strategy and Transformation
  • Enterprise Merger Integration and Fund Transitions
  • Information Management and Business Intelligence
  • Program, Project and Portfolio Management and Governance
  • System Development and Integration
  • Vendor Management (onshore and offshore)
  • Legislative Change delivery
  • Product design and delivery

Human Capital Solutions

  • Leadership Development & Effectiveness
  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Recruitment Process Optimisation
  • Talent Management & Talent Community services
  • Talent Sourcing and Acquisition
  • Assessment & Selection
  • Contingent Workforce Solutions
  • Executive & Leadership interims